Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jingle Bell Rocking This Year!

I hope all of you out there had a spectacular Thanksgiving. I know I did while adding three pounds to my weight on the scale. It was worth every ounce and the one hole I went up on my belt loop. With the turkey and stuffing behind us, it is now time that we prepare for our next holiday – CHRISTMAS!

Let the countdown begin!

The importance of Christmas to certain areas is undeniable. For instance, the sugary sweets sector makes more than half of its annual sales just during the season of Santa Clause. Of course Christmas has become much more than sugary sweets or Hot Wheels under the tree. This year you will see people panicking to buy gifts as well as food, bits for the house to look perfect on the big day, and new clothes for church and for parties. Christmas is no longer just an event that occurs December 25th in the morning. It is a month long, multi-sector pre-occupation.

As will all good marketing, there is a need for brand fit and there are bound to be a few seasonal shockers. Maybe it will be tissue that has sprouted reindeer ears, or candles that sparkle as they melt. Whatever it is, the Christmas season itself has a lot of projects for companies to take on because of the special effort which may be required to make it look/feel a bit more Christmassy.

Anyways – as a person that loves Christmas- I do notice when a brand goes above and beyond or is just a bit different. So amid the inevitable Christmas clutter it is important to stand out and the Business Women Society has the keys to help you achieve such a cut through. Call 706.373.8688 to open your world up to the Christmas possibilities of marketing and make your revenue rise this Christmas or start networking with each other to figure out what women just like you are planning on doing with their businesses this year.

And with that, I am going to sit back and enjoy my Christmas music and my pine candle. Ho,

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