Monday, October 17, 2011

BWS is up and blogging!

Well hello there! We are BWS or The Business Women’s Society to be more exact. The BWS is a social networking / advertising database created for women, by women! We offer our members an unmatched marketing experience that includes: innovative rotating advertising, mobile updating capabilities, minute to minute updating, weekly press releases featuring prominent business women in all fields and much more! Our goal is to bring visibility and accessibility to business women across the nation: every member makes us a stronger community!

This blog is created to help us keep you in touch with what new things are happening, contests that are being run, and to help us highlight businesses just like yours! We have been known to pop in on our members at their locations to have impromptu photo shoots, so be prepared because we may be coming into your place of business soon.

To check out our website go to and join today! To check out past pop ins on businesses go to

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