Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Start advertising for Black Friday soon!

The sugar high from little children wearing costumes is officially behind us and Halloween is drifting further and further into out rear-view mirrors. With this holiday gone by, it is time to start thinking about another fun holiday – BLACK FRIDAY! Black Friday used to be just one day, but as of recent years it has become an all weekend event and ends with Cyber Monday, an online-only shopping event. This holiday of consumerism is an excellent way for you to increase sales and for you and your consumers to save money. Here are a couple of hints on how to get your business busy this Black Friday

1) Start advertising specials

In the next week or two, many shoppers will begin to search for “leaked” Black Friday specials. A couple websites to make sure you are added to is and Shoppers will be checking these out to make sure they are getting the best deals!

2) Send out email alerts

Most people hate getting emails, but at this time of the year consumers are dying to find out what steals your business is offering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start letting your shoppers know about exclusive coupons or discounts that aren’t readily available to everyone else.

3) Offer specially priced bundles

Combine 2 or more items into a specially priced package to not only increase the sale of your less popular items and too clean out your shelves a bit, but also to increase your items per a transaction. Remember to actually make it a bundle “special” you must make the bundle cheaper than the items bought separately. Otherwise, you won’t clear your shelves of that slow selling item near as fast you would want to.

I hope this helps you this holiday season. Keep checking out our blog and Facebook for Black Friday specials or continue the conversation at BWSNETWORK.COM!

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